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My experience in form 6 and UPU 2015

Okay assalamualaikum and hi! Today i want to share something with you guys. Yeah, since I had to move to Perlis 3 weeks ago and started to begin a new life as a UiTM student here I feel so blessed... (lol yeke?) OK just wanted to share my experiences, feelings and all kinda stuff. If you interested, keep on reading hihi ^.~ dont click the X button yet ok? haha.

Kenangan check result upu

Last month, upu result for 2015 spm candidates for the 1st intake has been announced. During that time, I was in form 6 (SMK Maxwel). We were in the class and the teacher was teaching at the front.. I still remember that most of my friends in the class were busy checking up the upu result while I was sitting there without having any desire to know my result XD lol. it was bcs I see alot of my friends ended up being so frustrated after checking. So, im like.. its okay, i dont want to know anything lol. Then my bff who sat right next to me, asked me either i want to check or not and my answer was no but she refused and forced me to check juga XD so yeah... we just the result through sms which is really easy but had to wait for 30 minutes to wait for the respond.. (after 30 mins)... Suddenly deanna's phone vibrated... then deanna was so excited to look up her phone. lol. then, taraaa 
"Tahniah, anda ditawarkan untuk menyambung pengajian di UiTM..... kos E2211"
When i see that i was like.... "ok" without any excitement hahaha. because i was shocked plus there were many questions inside my head, My friends were all around me and said "congrats" but im like... "wait wait.. what just happened lol" but then i still say alhamdulillah.. bcs finally.. the things i have prayed before this finally happened. I am grateful, thank you Allah. but i felt broken at the same time too bcs it means i have to leave my friends there and start a new life in new place which i hated the most >.< At first I was really scared to enter the uni lifes so I made desicion to deny the offer... but then all of my form 6 teachers told me to go because it is a good offer and it will bring value to my life in future. So, i took their advises and yeah... here i am now :) 

It is very sad to leave all of my friends.. Especially deanna because she is the one who always with me during form 6 life. I missed our orientation weeks >,< I wish I can go back to the first day we met in form 6. It was really fun to be there. During the orientation, the MPPs' student had arrenged many activities for us in group. Until now I cannot forget the time my group performing on stage.. we were singing and dancing to 'Saya Anak Malaysia' since the theme was 1 Malaysia. 

So yeah I wanted to wish all of my friends in maxwel best of luck! i will always remember you guys. thank you for the moment ♥ you guys are the best!