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Hello! Bonjour! (kihkih) lols

Okay, malam ni mimi tak boleh tidur and mimi rasa macam nak share something je. ahaks! siapa nak tahu tu baca lah tapi siapa yg tak nak tu pun kena paksa baca jugak. ahaks xD

I was laying on my bed for like an hour and what I was thinking about is how am I gonna through things after I've getting changed. I wanna change myself, people. I've been thinking about this such a very long time ago but I couldn't make it up until now. So, all I ask for this up coming new year is to get myself change, its kind of like transforming myself lol haha.

 I wanna be that girl who people would see and be like "how did her parents raised her? she is so nice to people" yknow rite? All I ever meant was, I wanted to be a girl who always be nice to people surrounds her and always appreciate things that ever happened to her. Be that girl who are kind hearted, humble, nice, confident yet humble.

Because everytime I met wrong people in my life, I keep thinking about how fooled I was. i've been wasting the whole years like just for this kind of trash haha. sorry but I gotta to say this. I dont wanna blame anybody else but now I have just realised that I could save all the times that I've been wasting by reading books, doing productive things instead of chating, loving sana sini (euw) and blablabla... urgh. I hate the past me. whatever. past is past. hahaha I regret and I wont repeat.

What important is now, I hv to focus in my studies. I should getting prepare from now. Think about my parents and achieve my education, and I hv to make my parents proud of me. hm. all I hv to do right now is start believing in myself! keep thinking about positive things! and dont let anyone tell me that I'm not strong enough.

For those who's thinking the same thoughts as me, well.. you gotta get things ready because 2015 is just around the corner. be prepared so you'll always get ready when time comes and good luck precious ;) ♥
Be one of a kind..