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#When the world turns upside down,
it's nice to have someone to upside down with you. 

Salam and hallo to anybody who's reading this... actually i want to share about things that i really not sure. hahaha just kidding! In this entry I wanted to make lists of

T H E - P R E C I O U S - P E O P L E - I N - M Y - L I F E

 First, ofcourse it would be my family! (  ^o^) I dont want to say much. sometimes it's complicated but most of it, I'm happy with them ♥ mah parents and atok ina are mean so much to me. Not forget Ara and Icha as my kuli dirumah XD hahaha. I love them most! 

 Cousins are important to me. Because they made my day sometimes if I meet them.. We laughed hard, play hard hahaha. play hard? sounds dirty lol. but I kinda enjoy being with them ♥ Faya, Ina, Harith, Haxik, Riexman, Airiel and my new cousin baby Danish. hope you'll be craxy like us. haha.

 Last and and not least, my bessssttttt frienddd! :D I dont have so much friends like everyone did. I just got Ain Najiha who used to be my best friend evaaa at smkdd 1 :') it was a long time we didn't met. I miss her so soo much. Back to the sentul, my bestfriends are DeannaMonstah and SyafiqahStarpost. They're only friends that know everything about me. not everything but most of it lah :p Three of them are cute :') I'm glad I got to know u guyssss! ♥

So that is it. You guys are more precious than anything. Lots of love