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Salam and hi to everyone who's reading this right now :) It has been a long time I didn't update my blog. So here.. I wanna share abt everything what I've been through, my feelings and emotions.. Let's begin. Yesterday was the day that pmr results would be annouced. As in my mind, I never expected to get more than 2A's or just 1A. I was very terrified and nervous in the same time, I didnt feel excited to go and see my result bcs I knew that I gonna disappoint my parents. I dont want to let them down. but in the same time I pray that I will get a best result. I hope so...

After tunggu dalam 30 minit mcm tu tgk kawan2 ambil result, mi pun tanya lah budak2 lain apa semua :3 hihi. and then I was waiting for my bff Pika taking her slip. She passed! congratulatin to her :') as her friend ofc I'm happy for her.. Mimi kalau boleh tak nak pun ambil dan tahu result mimi hahaha tapi mi fikir "I'ts never to late to start again if I lost." dgn gemuruhnya mimi pergi dkt barisan kelas 3USAHA. haha yg best mi adalah orang terakhir nak ambil slip. mimi ckp kat cikgu farez yg jgn tunjuk dkt mimi slip tu haha mimi takut. so dia tgk then dia kata "okay laaa ni.. " smbil bagi kat Pika. pika pun tgk slip tu then dia jerit "mimi!!!" dalam hati aku dah separuh gugur dah. hahaha lpstu dia ckp "tahniah mi, mi dapat 4A" then I was like :D alhamdulillah! Walaupun mimi tak dapat byk A tapi mimi bersyukur sbb mimi tak pernah dpat apa2 A dalam peperiksaan. selalu B C D je ada. My dream to get A in mathematics and english has successful! I was very thankful to Allah. I still remember when that I told ara  if I get A in math I will cry as hard as I can. hahahaha and it's come true xD

Lepas ibu and abah balik kerja, ibu terus tanya dpt berapa and I was smiling and said "4A 4B hehehe" muka ibu mcm.... ( O.o) "iyeke?" haha mi pun tunjuk slip tu. ibu seems happy and I'm happy to see her reaction :) i knew that she never expect me to get more than 1A xD eventho' I couln't get 8A's or 7A's atleast I've tried my best. I study at home alone with books that I bought by myself and some of the books were from nadzmi :') i didnt go to any extra classes like most of them did. So i'm thankful and proud of myself. but... i let my father down. he said "4A je?" with serious face. I'm sorry dad.. Ofc I feel sad. He didnt say 'congrates..' or 'good job' or 'next time do your best' but all he was saying was nothing. That moment, I promise to myself that I will make him proud of his daughter for the up coming spm. NEVER GIVE UP cause great thing takes time. 

Last and not least, I wanna say thank you to my precious boy ♥  he always be with me whenever I needed him. He bought me books, teaches me science, gives me advices and help me more stuff :') I am really appreciate it. Thank you for everything..

For teachers and friends: 
Thank you for helping me in class and teach me few subjects that I didnt understand sometimes. I had a lot of fun be with 3U hihihi. 2013 was the best and stressful year ever! haha. My classmates were very amazing and wonderful, well i cant describe but they were very fun. I'm so thankful being with u guys.