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A new year.

Hi! hari tu mimi tak sempat nak buat entry pasal new year u.u brpp..
 so sekarang ni ada peluang nak share somthing hehehehe :3 
Tahun baru ni mimi dapat kelas baru dan classmates, kawan baru, belajar benda baru 
dan macam-macam. bla bla blaaaaa mimi malas nak bgitahu :p 

and yeah! my friend.. i dont want to give any detail of her.
as u know, she used to be my bestfriend but not now anymore
she already forgets me as her 'best friend' maybe

The sad part is,
I still remember on the first day of school
she went late and she didnt know which class she stands for.
 I was screaming out her name to say that we weren't in the same class anymore
she didntt even look at me..
she was excited to see her other bestfriend be in the same class with her.

I can see through out her face that she's happy without me.
but i feel the oppisite way.
I'm alone without her

so i'm trying to get a new friend and be close with everyone in my class .
I dont want to be the one that be sad
the one that only remember her.

but I miss our memories..
We are not like we were supposed to be
we used to talk everyday. I miss that.
whatever we are, I still remember the way we were
I still remember we sang infront of the class together :)
One old song, a thousand memories.

Thank you for the experiences and the memories that we had together
I will never forget u as my bestfriend.