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Broken arms | Not heart !

guys :} Whhihi harini tk sekolah lagi ^^ Sbb nak jaga atok ina. Hehehe *Alasan jea ;p Tapi skrang mimi serious tgh susah hati doo :| He's in injured. Seriously i'm worried about him? Is he okay? Ooooomaygoooodnes ! Aku sgt takecare pasal dia ni apasal der? felik-felik xD HAHAHA for sure, something wrong with my heart dupp dapp dup dap xD Hahaha felik felik -.- but even he's not handsome enough like other guys but his heart so nice :'] and i love the way he is Hihihi kita jiwang pulak harini apahal ? =.=
But now, I know how I feel about you now ! Can we bring yesterday back around? :|
Mimi: Tapi jangan nak mimpi lah mimi, dia takan purpose kau ! FAHAMMMM !
Heart : Hmmm, but I like him >,< errr ! And stop making me down with your silly words !
Mimi : Hahaha its up to youu :p but one day you should thank me ;]
Heart : Godye you :p fyi you should follow your hearts, bcause one day you'll be happy because you listen to what your heart whispered ;}

Hahahaa merepek daa n_n Okay I admit it, i like him >.< hahahaha but JUST FOR FUN ! okay? Not serious ! Hahahaha sukahatilewww . For sure, I'm not going to tell you guys ;] But I have some clues hahahaha xD Just think with your brain not bones k?

Name: End with capital N *Stop laughing :D
He is a pro _k_ _ _ r. Err hahaha xD

Hahaha, and I hate that I let you down ;P See this ↓

*click utk tumbesaran yg terbantut ! xD Hahaha tgk tarikh bila? 5 January. Awal tahun babe XD
HAHAAHAA sorry awak :} saya balas " ? " je kan? xD msti awk sakithati xD HAHAHA. But for sure, im not going to tell you who's the lucky guy is ;]